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Hi Listers,
As some of you may know, and have experienced, Zuku has been down since
late Friday. Communication has been nonexistent and even when you finally
get through to customer care after several minutes of hold you don’t get
any timelines on the restoration of service.

This has led me to looking through a few of the CA’s reports looking to see
if there’s any data on down times and other metrics that a home internet
provider might be measured on. I couldn’t find any.
Does anyone know if the CA collects such data? If they do, where is it
located? If not, what do they collect on home internet connections? If this
data doesn’t exist with CA does it exist somewhere else? I’d really like to
change my provider using some data rather than anecdotal evidence.

What are the other measures I can take, other than reporting to the CA,
about this? A credit on lost days of internet feels like it’s too cheap a
consequence for what I’ve been going through.

2 thoughts on “Home internet Downtime

  1. I did read the T&Cs when I got them 7 years ago but I have since forgotten them. I did go back to read what is available here <zuku.co.ke/terms-and-conditions/>. There’s no mention of a SLA or expected uptime. This doesn’t change the fact that we’re now on day 5 of terrible service or are we just supposed to accept mediocrity because it’s not in the T&Cs? I, for one, am very aware of what the escalation and reimbursement mechanisms are, I’ve used them multiple times before. I just feel like it’s not enough in this case.

    It is the CA’s job to monitor and regulate them so some data about the performance these service providers should exist somewhere. It would be nice if this data was publicly shared so consumers can make informed decisions.


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  2. Zuku have had some major technical issue which they are grappling to recover from. Not so good customer service even when things are not this bad is playing out real bad for them at this time.

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