Kictanet infrastructure

Kictanet has set a great example for digitization in Kenya by running
its own email lists. Being able to run ones own infrastructure is a
first step to being able to manage ones data. Some of the work done by
Kictanet may benefit from using other software. In particular, would
Kictanet also consider setting up and self-hosting:
a) Nextcloud – a shared file service that can allow for collaborative
editing of documents

b) Loomio – an online discussion software for streamlined decision making

c) Decidim – an online software for discussing legislative documents

1 thought on “Kictanet infrastructure

  1. On 05/03/2024 07.24, Grace Githaiga wrote:
    Thanks. Washington and Kivuva – would there be interest in trying these
    out? Decidim might be of interest to get feedback on proposed
    legislation and other similar documents for which Kictanet seems to
    solicit from time to time. Decidim gives better structure to such
    discussions than a chat application, though there is no mobile client –
    perhaps helpful in ensuring longer thoughtful responses. Am happy to
    help set up, but unsure of your priorities and data policies, as
    administrators you have great powers and greater responsibilities.

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