Request for Feedback: 5-Year Reflections on Kenya’s Data Protection Act.

*A. **Day 1: Legal Framework on Data Protection*

Day 1 of our discussion will center on the Legal framework surrounding Data
Protection. We invite you to share your insights and reflections on the
following questions:

1. *What areas of Kenya’s legal and policy framework on data protection
require improvement or updating? Please provide supporting
2. *Please provide three (3) recommendations for amendments to the Data
Protection Act, and its attendant regulations.*

Your expertise and input are essential in this endeavor, and we value your
contribution to this vital conversation.

Please feel free to respond directly to this email with your insights. Thank
you for your time and consideration.

We look forward to your participation.

Kind regards,

Linda Gichohi.

* Kenya ICT Action Network.*

On Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 02:28, Linda Wairure <> wrote:

> Dear Listers,
> As part of our ongoing efforts to assess the effectiveness and impact of
> Kenya’s Data Protection Act (2019) over the past five years and in
> anticipation of the NADPA Conference being held from 7 – 9 May 2024, we are
> reaching out to gather your valuable insights and reflections. To this end,
> KICTANet will be moderating an online discussion on the KICTANet mailing
> list from *Monday 29 April 2024 – Friday 3 May 2024.* We want to draw
> special attention to the contributions of the Data Governance and Emerging
> Technologies Working Group on the ICT legislative reform process and in
> particular the recommendations on data governance.
> To chart the progress, challenges, and considerations for the future of
> data protection in Kenya, KICTANet shall be exploring the following topics
> over the course of next week through targeted daily questions for your
> reflections.
> *A. **Day 1: Legal Framework on Data Protection*
> *B. **Day 2: Data Controllers & Processors *
> *C. **Day 3: Data Subjects’ Rights*
> *D. **Day 4: Emerging Issues and Best Practices*
> *E. **Day 5: Recommendations and Shaping the Future.*
> Please feel free to respond directly to this email with your insights.
> Alternatively, you can reach out to Linda Gichohi (
> if you have any questions or additional comments.
> Thank you for your time and participation.
> Regards,
> *Linda Gichohi.*
> *Kenya ICT Action Network.*