Removal of Content by Facebook for alleged being “Malicious Software” or “Cyber Bullying” Community Guidelines Violation.

Dear Listers,

I shared scans of an inquiry letter to government as attached letter on my
Facebook profile a few days ago and now my profile has been restricted for
allegedly “sharing malicious software” and/cyber bullying.

Could someone in the know explain to me how the attached letter violates
ANY Facebook Community standards leading to my profile being restricted? I
didn’t even get a chance to appeal the ban! 😕

Warm regards,

Mutemi wa Kiama

Co-Chair, Africans Rising Movement Coordinating Collective

Team Captain, This Is Africa:

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Public Intellectual, Social Justice & Social Accountability Entrepreneur,
Strategic Planning & Organizational Development Facilitator,
Strategic Communications, Movement Building Coach, Human Rights Defender,

#DevolutionIsRevolution Champion.

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the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~Margaret Mead