Beyond Digitization – What Next for Kenya?

Dear Listers,

This week, Mr John Walubengo discusses the digitization of government
services in Kenya, where over 5,000 public sector services have already
been digitized and made accessible online.

While this provides convenience and cost reduction to citizens, he argues
that there is still much room for improvement.

The data that could help citizens make important decisions are buried deep
in government departmental silos and is not easily accessible. He suggests
that the next step for the government should be to focus on data governance
and breaking down departmental data silos to make this information more
easily accessible to citizens.

He looks forward to hearing your feedback on the same.

3 thoughts on “Beyond Digitization – What Next for Kenya?

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    A big reason for that is because, in most rural areas, a smartphone with
    all its glamorous features would not survive the erratic power outages that
    last for weeks compared to the feature phone, Mulika Mwizi.
    In addition, people go to farms, and the phone can survive better than the
    smartphone due to the hardships it will be exposed to.

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