The eCitizen portal has been down since yesterday. I haven’t seen any
official communication explaining the downtime. Anyone knows why?

IMHO, a critical site like it should have 99.9% uptime and any downtime
should be communicated. Or could it be that our friends from Mulot wish to
collect and keep the convenience fees.



3 thoughts on “eCitizen is Down

  1. Looks like the government rushed to onboard services on this platform without securing it.
    And since there has been no official comment on this, is NC4 doing something about it? Or who is securing it?

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  2. Listers,
    Kenya Power and Mpesa now seem down and if rumours are to be believed by the same people that knocked eCitizen offline. Has there been any official communication by the relevant agencies or ministries? Is our data safe?
    Just a week ago what seemed like the entirety of KEBS’ data was being sold on the dark web.

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  3. Dear Listers,

    Kenya’s cyberspace recently experienced a cyber attack from a group calling
    itself ‘Anonymous Sudan’, which is believed to consist of hired
    cyber-mercenaries from developed nations in Eastern Europe. The attack was
    a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which overwhelmed servers
    with synthetic user requests, causing them to shut down. Defending against
    such an attack requires a deliberate, long-term, multistakeholder approach
    as envisioned in Kenya’s National Cybersecurity Strategy, involving state
    agencies, parastatals, the private sector, academia, and civil society.
    Each stakeholder must appreciate their role in securing Kenya’s digital
    borders and work together to defend against cyber attacks.

    Together, we raised our voices and Mr John Walubengo sums it up here:

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