Thanks, James for this. The info is beneficial not only for the person who
raised it here but also for anyone else who may not want to complain
openly. It underlies the importance of documentation and reading the small
print. I hope the complainant will provide the documentation, and we can
have an update on what transpires.
Kind regards

On Wed, Jul 26, 2023 at 5:04 AM James Mbugua via KICTANet <
kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:

> Listers,
> Someone here complained about MKOPA failing or ignoring to unlock a
> phone after the payment was made. I shared the CAK contact here and they
> responded to it as a complaint.
> See below and action for your client/friend.
> Good day,
> JG
> ———- Forwarded message ———
> From: Bramuel K. Nguya <bnguya@cak.go.ke>
> Date: Wed, Jul 26, 2023 at 10:42 AM
> To: jgmbugua <jgmbugua@gmail.com>
> Cc: Adano W. Roba <aroba@cak.go.ke>, Boniface M. Makongo <
> bmmakongo@cak.go.ke>, Boniface Kamiti <bkamiti@cak.go.ke>, John K. Daina <
> jkdaina@cak.go.ke>
> Dear James,
> Reference is made to your complaint lodged with the Authority against
> M-KOPA, regarding their failure to unlock a mobile phone purchased on
> credit, after receiving the full payment for the phone.
> To facilitate the investigation, kindly share with us the following
> evidence:
> 1. A copy of the agreement with M-KOPA containing the terms of payment and
> the obligations of M-KOPA upon receiving full payment;
> 2. Payment receipts, M-PESA messages or any other evidence of all the
> payments made to M-KOPA for the mobile phone;
> 3. A copy of the warranty issued for the phone; and
> 3. Evidence of correspondence with M-KOPA regarding their failure to
> unlock the phone.
> Kindly provide the requested evidence within seven (7) days of this email
> and not later than 2nd August, 2023.
> Regards,
> Bramuel Nguya,
> Consumer Protection Department,
> Competition Authority of Kenya.
> Telephone: 254-020-2628233
> Direct line: 254-20-2779000
> Website: www.cak.go.ke
> Email: info@cak.go.ke
> <competition.cak.go.ke:444/>