AFRNIC is Currently on its Deathbed!!

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Maybe this is something for the Internet Governance Forum?

Does Kenic follow typically send a representative to Afrinic meetings?

On 3/21/23 14:09, Collins Areba via KICTANet wrote:
> The larger dilemma surrounds the court cases, all in Mauritius that have
> resulted in this impasse. Afrinic , being a member organisation with
> membership from across the continent, can choose to relocate itself from
> Mauritius, to some other location, All cases will die, and that Chinese
> man will have to come for adjudication on that small matter in a
> different jurisdiction….. 
> What members do with this information….. 
>> On 21 Mar 2023, at 12:04 PM, Dorcas Muthoni via KICTANet
>> < <>>
>> wrote:
>> Let’s get together. It’s disheartening that a critical technical
>> organisation is on its death bed due to politics, corruption and
>> foreigner interference.