Kenya IGF 2023- Call For Topics

Good afternoon,

Rosemary, I would suggest the following: –
4. Digital Divides and Inclusion – With the state of the unconnected that
we still have DESPITE the statistics; let their a focus on connecting the
unconnected, specifically from the community level – a focus on Community
Networks and how they can be used to bridge these divides and beat

5. Human Rights and Freedoms – I would suggest a renaming of this to Human
Rights, Freedoms and Cultural beliefs. This issue has elicited a lot of
debate courtesy the LQBTQ proponents and oppossers. However much that we
might want to conform to the western world beliefs due to our dependence on
aid, we need to be cognisant to the fact that these issues are alien to the
African culture and deemed sinful in many religions be it the mainstream or
the folklore. The matters need to be discussed in a level headed manner.


On Tue, Mar 21, 2023 at 2:06 PM Rosemary Koech-Kimwatu via KICTANet <> wrote:

> Good afternoon,
> Following the announcement that Kenya IGF 2023 will be held on Thursday
> 22nd June 2023 and the series of events from 19th -22nd of June that all
> make up the IGF Week, we the Multi Advisory Group (MAG) that assists in the
> coordination of IGF hereby make a call for topics to be
> discussed throughout the IGF week.
> The topics should be based on the global IGF sub themes as well as any
> other contemporary topics that form key internet governance concerns in
> Kenya.
> As earlier advised, the theme for Kenya IGF 2023 will mirror the global
> IGF theme “’The Internet We Want – Empowering All People”. The Subthemes
> will be centered around
> 1. AI & Emerging Technologies
> 2. Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, and Online Safety
> 3. Data Governance and Trust
> 4. Digital Divides and Inclusion
> 5. Human Rights and Freedoms
> 6. Sustainability & Environment
> Some other themes to consider will be
> 7. Avoid Internet Fragmentation
> 8. Global Digital Governance and Cooperation
> We hereby seek your input on proposed topics and we shall close this on
> Monday the 27th of March.
> We look forward to your collaboration, insights and to a fantastic 2023
> Kenya IGF!
> Kind regards,
> Rosemary Koech-Kimwatu

1 thought on “Kenya IGF 2023- Call For Topics

  1. Hi Listers,

    Thank you MAG chair for driving this conversation, Interesting ideas are coming up and i would also like to make a few suggestions;

    I am voting for the following sub themes to be included

    1. AI & Emerging Technologies
    2. Cybersecurity and Cybercrime
    3. Data Governance and Trust
    4. Avoiding Internet Fragmentation

    Additionally, I propose Human rights and online safety to be included as cross-cutting issues.

    Finally, I would like to support the idea of contextualizing the Kenya IGF theme as proposed by Keith, “The Internet We Want – Empowering All Kenyan People”

    Let’s make the Kenya IGF great! 🙂

    With thanks,

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