We are Launching The Tatua Digital Resilience Centre

Dear Listers,

Something great is going to be launched on *Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 0800 –
1400 hours EAT Nairobi, and Zoom.*

*The Tatua Digital Resilience Centre.*

KICTANet together with other Africa Internet Rights Alliance (AIRA)
coalition members established the Tatua Digital Resilience Centre to offer
a bouquet of services to SJOs in East Africa to enhance their digital
resilience, quickly respond to and recover from digital threats, and
harness the power of technology to enable them to achieve their mission in
a digitally changing environment.

The Centre will initially provide support to SJOs in Kenya, Tanzania and
Uganda working to advance digital rights, and thereafter scale to other
organisations in East Africa, and ultimately, the continent. The Centre is
also part of a wider network of resilience hubs in the region under the
Ford Foundation’s Weaving Resilience initiative for Stronger Civil Society
in the Global South.

For more information on how you can participate below: