Fwd: [NRIs List] IGF 2023 Youth Track


To the Youth who are passionate about the Internet Governance Forum, this
might be of interest to you.

Best Regards

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From: Anja Gengo <anja.gengo@un.org>
Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2023 at 12:39 PM
Subject: [NRIs List] IGF 2023 Youth Track
To: Igfregionals@intgovforum.org <igfregionals@intgovforum.org>

Dear Colleagues,

This is to update you on the status of the IGF 2023 Youth Track.

As you know, the first open planning meeting took place in January. The
Youth IGF coordinators and other participants agreed that the track will
follow the last year’s structure. The overall umbrella topic relates to
cybersecurity and trust with a motto ‘Safe Digital Future’.
It is expected that four capacity development workshops will take place in
a leadup to the IGF 2023 Global Youth Summit hosted on 8 October in Kyoto.

The Secretariat is in a process of confirming the delegated focal point
from Youth IGFs (independent ones as well as those integrated in other
NRIs) as well as participation from international youth-focused

All members of the organizing team are contacted already to understand
their formal engagement in this year. As confirmations are received, the
profiles are added to the IGF 2023 Youth Track page

Please do let us know if your multistakeholder organizing teams would like
to delegate a focal point to participate in the organizing team.

Best regards,