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Dear Listers,

The first episode of the #DataProtectorsPodcast touches on data protection
principles and how small businesses and organisations can integrate them
into their operations.

In this episode, Our speakers Liesa Borghaert and Mercy Mutindi delve into
the seven data protection principles:

(1) lawfulness, fairness, and transparency;
(2) purpose limitation; (3) storage limitation;
(4) data minimalisation;
(5) accuracy;
(6) integrity and confidentiality; and
(7) accountability.

Most importantly, they provide practical advice on how to incorporate these
principles into organisations’ day-to-day operations.

Produced by the Kenyan think tank KICTANET and the Digital Transformation
Center (DTC) Kenya, in collaboration with the Nairobi Legal Hackers
network, the Data Protectors Podcast brings together Kenyan and European
experts to explore different aspects of data protection compliance, share
lessons learned, and identify opportunities created with the enactment of
the DPA and the GDPR.



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