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Advocacy’s Role in ICT Inclusion

Advocacy demands that, as an individual or group, you own the zeal to influence, fund, champion, and/or advocate for a particular course of action for a given individual or group. For a long time, the discussion of inclusion for Persons with Disability In the ICT sector was unheard of. The advocacy for inclusion remained toned-down and it was considered a …

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The Annual ICT Connected Summit 2023 Kicks Off at Diani

[The Annual ICT Connected Summit plenary session on “Data Protection: Shaping a common regional data policy](

By John Walubengo Every year, during Easter week, as it has been slightly over the last decade, the ICT Authority of Kenya, currently headed by the CEO, Mr Stanley Kamanguya, invites delegates from the public and private sector, academia and civil society to convene and discuss contemporary issues affecting ICTs in the East African region. With over a thousand delegates, …

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Introduction to Spectrum

KICTANet is a multi-stakeholder think tank for ICT policy formulation. One of its pillars is capacity building. Through its community Networks project, we strive to build capacity in telecommunications, a core component in the provision of digital access to unserved and underserved communities. This 4-part series in the telecommunications spectrum will explore: The nature of spectrum Spectrum allocation both at …

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[Introduction to Spectrum](

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