Tele-gone! Telegram down. Is it an Internet Shutdown?

Telegram has been down in Kenya. Users are reporting they can only access
it using a VPN. An analysis by different platform including Ooni
Observatory shows that the blocking of Telegram is across all networks. –

Users across the major ISPs including Safaricom, Artel, and Jambonet
reported not able to connect to Telegram. What is the experience of listers
here? Have you had a challenge connecting to Telegram over the past week?

The alleged reason for the blockage is to prevent cheating of the KCSE
National examinations that are allegedly shared in the Telegram platform.

Why only block Telegram? What is the percentage of Telegram usage compared
to other popular platforms like WhatsApp and Signal?

Can the blockade of Telegram in Kenya be considered a form of internet
shutdown? Internet shutdown is defined as a deliberate disruption of
internet or electronic communications, rendering them inaccessible or
effectively unusable.

The shutdown of one platform, such as Telegram, can be considered a form of
internet shutdown, as it restricts access to a specific communication
platform. Internet shutdowns are often used by governments to control
information flow, stifle dissent, or prevent the coordination of protests
and demonstrations. They can have significant social, economic, and
political implications, affecting freedom of expression, access to
information, and the ability to conduct business.

After Telegram, what else will be shutdown? What will be the next excuse?
What direction do we want to take as a country?

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  1. I’m glad our CSOs are on this now and look forward to hearing what the relevant authorities say.
    Meanwhile this is the response I got from the CA. I also got a similar response when I called Safaricom customer care; Telegram being down is Telegram issue and not a local issue. Once again Telegram went down again on Safaricom’s networks this morning. I can access it fine over Faiba.


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