State of Consumer Protection Report in Kenya – Request for Responses

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Thank you for sharing the work in progressat Cofek.


Some insights into your chosen thematic sectors to what is hopefully anindependent credible impact study on consumers lives and society;

·        National and local language,(il) literacy andspecial needs services in all services

·        Cost vs consumer capability vide economic situation

·        Data management

·        Transparency in design – how things work, quality standards

·        Terms and Conditions

·        Accountability – Recommendations on the new accountability(consumer, providers)

·        Measure of fair treatment of customers

·        Social consequences of the services (+ & -)

·        Power balance, power shift – consumer, providers

·        “Over-innovation” – consumer overwhelm, consumer ignorance

·        Grievance management

·        Returns and replacement policy (or equivalentfor services)

·        Service staff skills and training

·        Loyalty programmes custody security (e.g closeof business, insolvency etc )

·        Effect of periodic products and promotions

·        Judicial positions, recourse, deterrants – options, examples

·        Regulatory partnerships and recommendations

·        Recommendations to voluntary public education

·        Recommendations to regulatory induced publiceducation

·        True value vis-à-vis cost

·        Comparative with other regions

·        Incentives to innovate, stifling innovation

·        Strategies to lowering the cost aimed atlowering prices
·        True consumer choice – product choice, providerchoice, choice to mix
·        Explain the measurement  – bundles,units
·        Stopping one-way system; How consumers can measure their usage forcomparison of provide bills- gadgets
·        Industry players imposed barriers to new entrants – based oncurrent design if tweeked are to the consumers advantage

·        Specifically for energy which is a major driverto the economy and stifling small businesses – why solar energy has not “lighting up” and become harness-able hopefully bringing the cost down which would have a spiral effect across sectors into consumer pockets in addition to other forms of energy.

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