FeCoMo Proposes Amendments to NCIC Bill for Safer Digital Kenya

Dear Listers,

Kenya’s National Coalition on Freedom of Expression (FeCoMo) recommends
amending the National Cohesion and Integration Bill to address online hate
speech, misinformation, and platform accountability. Key proposals include:

– *Privacy by design:* Protecting user data and mitigating online
– *Tech platform regulation:* Ensuring transparency in content
moderation and addressing brigading/astroturfing.
– *Clearer definitions:* Hate speech, discrimination, and other online
harms for effective enforcement.
– *Independent oversight:* Strengthening the NCIC’s role and
establishing an oversight body.
– *Combating deep fakes & misinformation:* Public education and
fact-checking initiatives.
– *Addressing online gender-based violence:* Collecting evidence and
defining brigading/astroturfing.

For details: