KICTANet Highlights January 2024 – Readings

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KICTANet is pleased to share with you a summary of our most recent articles
published in January 2024.

These articles cover a range of important topics related to ICT, including
cybercrime, digital accessibility, AI, data protection, femicide,
cybersecurity, and Kenya’s ICT trends for 2024.

*Here is a brief overview of each article:*

– *Concerns over the proposed UN Cybercrime Convention:* This article
the potential impact of the proposed UN Cybercrime Convention on freedom of
expression and privacy.
– *What does meaningful internet connectivity look like? *This article
the primary challenges to meaningful internet access, including lack of
investment in infrastructure, affordability, digital literacy skills, cyber
security and safety, lack of relevant content, gender inequality, lack of
innovation, and digital accessibility.
– *Guidelines for making digital content accessible to all users:* This
guidelines for creating digital content that is accessible to all users,
including those with disabilities.
– *The debate about whether data protection laws curtail AI
developments:* This article examines
<> the
debate over whether data protection laws hinder the development of
artificial intelligence.
– The femicide crisis in Kenya: This article sheds light on the femicide
crisis in Kenya
the challenges faced by women who are subjected to digital harassment.
– *Kenya’s ICT trends for 2024, including AI, cybersecurity, and crypto:*
This article highlights key ICT trends
to shape the Kenyan landscape in 2024, including AI, cybersecurity, and

*The importance of bridging the gender gap in cybersecurity:* This
anthology of stories under the title *“Narratives of Strength and
Survival”* are
aimed at documenting the lived experiences of Kenyan women and girls who
have faced online gender-based violence at a personal level:

1. Navigating the Digital Battlefield: Wanjiku Thiga’s Experience in
Kenya’s 2022 General Election
2. Private: Hated, but Unafraid: Living with HIV in the Age of Online
3. The Price of Visibility: A Queer Activist’s Battle with Online Trolls
4. Behind the Newsfeed: The Chilling Tale of a Journalist Hunted by Her
Own Story

We hope you find these articles informative and thought-provoking.