Happy Privacy Day 2024

Dear Listers,

Greetings from KICTANET!

As we reflect on the ever-evolving digital landscape, we are reminded that
privacy is not just a legal obligation but a fundamental human right and a
cornerstone of a just and equitable society. It is incumbent upon each of
us to take control of our personal data, ensuring its responsible and
ethical use.

At KICTANet, we are unwavering in our commitment to promoting privacy and
data protection in Kenya and around the world. We invite all
stakeholders—academics, businesses, civil society, government, media, and
the technical community—to join us in this crucial endeavor. Let’s
collaborate to shape a future where privacy remains the bedrock of a fair
and secure society.

Read more here: tinyurl.com/4uhkbbzh

Best regards,

Neema Mujesia, Communications personnel at KICTANet