E-Citizen portal gazetted as government’s official digital payment platform

Very true Alex, there is still a lot to be done when it comes to eCitizen.

The issue you have mentioned aside, I believe if the Government is going to
be considering activating eCitizen and the only portal there are 2 glaring
issues (and they are very glaring, it’s not a walk in the park – these
issues will definitely need to be addressed).

1. Firstly the eCitizen “My Profile” page has not been working and has
not been resolved for years on end. What will happen if someone updates
their details? Such as contact details? At the moment you can’t do that on
2. Secondly, for a service as critical as eCitizen there needs to be a 2
factor authentication mechanism for added user security. When a choice of 2
factor authentication is also considered it should be able to work on
multiple levels:
1. Using phone number Auth (and it should have provision to work with
numbers outside the country for diaspora based Kenyans).
2. Using email auth.
3. Using 3rd party 2FA services. Some countries develop their own 2FA
auth applications that can be deployed on any smartphone and activated.

I think also credible cyber security will need to do assessment and

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> Ownership, revenue sharing, missing legal instruments etc
> On a user experience (ux)
> i applied for certificate of good conduct went to cid for fingerprinting
> and they told me they did not recognize the appointment given to me by the
> platform. Rescheduled and used kibera huduma center and was sorted.
> On the passport application the print and download functionalities produce
> two different formats one of which is not accepted at nyayo house.
> Lot’s of work still needed for true egovernment services
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>> What were the disputes?
>> JG
>> On Sat, Dec 31, 2022 at 11:11 AM Alex Watila via KICTANet <
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>>> Were the various legal disputes resolved?
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>>>> All payments for government services shall be made through the
>>>> E-citizen portal.
>>>> This comes as Cabinet Secretary for Treasury Njuguna Ndung’u gazettes
>>>> the portal to be the official government digital payment platform.
>>>> www.the-star.co.ke/news/2022-12-31-e-citizen-portal-gazetted-as-governments-official-digital-payment-platform/