Webinar: Beyond the Screen: Tackling Online Surveillance of Women

Dear Listers,

If you missed this insightful webinar, here is all you need to catch up.

“To tackle online surveillance targeting women, it is imperative to
allocate resources for research and disaggregation of data to evaluate the
impact of surveillance. This will facilitate the making of evidence-based
policies around issues of online surveillance and OGBV.”

We also invite you tonight for our X (Twitter) space engagement to leverage
digital storytelling and advocacy as powerful tools to combat online
gender-based violence (GBV) targeted mostly at women leaders, politicians,
and influencers. This shall be in light of the #16daysofactivism of Gender
violence and our latest publication, “Unmasking the Trolls: Research on
Online-Gender-Based Violence in Kenya.” For details and how to create a
reminder. Advocacy Against Online-Gender-Based Violence: Empowering Women
Politicians and Influencers | KICTANet Think Tank