Urgent! Opportunity to offer recommendations for reforms in the ICT sector

Dear Listers


In September 2023, the Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications,
and Digital Economy appointed the Working Group on Policy, Legislative &
Regulatory reforms in the ICT Sector.

KICTANet is privileged to invite interested stakeholders/listers who may be
interested in offering contributions and critique on draft recommendations
under the following thematic areas:

1.1 Digital infrastructure, telecommunications, and services

1.2 Software and software services

1.3 Data Governance and Emerging Technologies

1.4 Cybersecurity

1.5 Innovation, enterprises, digital talent and jobs

1.6 Postal, courier and e-commerce

1.7 Media, broadcasting, PR and communications

Those interested should fill out this Google form
<forms.gle/FGjMEGDCByW6Hb9UA> by *Thursday 29th February 2024.*

The working group will provide specific draft recommendations based on your
thematic areas of interest.