Unveiling the 5th Module of the Digital Enquirer Kit on Tackling Online Gender Based Violence

For the past nine months, KICTANet in partnership with GIZ and University of West Indies(UWI) have been developing the fifth e-learning module of the Digital Enquirer Kit(DEK) on Online Gender Based Violence(OGBV). The journey towards the final English module has been exhilarating, insightful and a bold step for KICTANet and UWI which are based in the Global South and the Caribbean.

What will you learn?
The e-learning module broadly tackles the concepts of gender, and sexual orientation. As you will find out later in the module, women, sexual minorities and people who do not conform to the societal gender norms are disproportionately targeted by both online and offline gender based violence. Essentially, these biases based on gender form the motivation and content comprising online gender based violence.

While online gender based violence is an all encompassing description of these attacks, the e-learning module takes a deep dive into the various forms of Online Gender Based Violence. Brace yourself for stimulating exercises in between lessons to gauge how well you have grasped the definitions!

You will also learn the different forms of OGBV and appreciate why we need a joint effort, from both men and women to tackle OGBV. The resulting harms range from emotional, mental, financial and social.

All hope is not lost in tackling OGBV. The module layouts practical steps to tackle OGBV including sound digital security tips to keep yourself safe online. We hope that the module raises awareness on OGBV and encourages you, yes you, to be more alert online to spot OGBV and advocate for the survivors online.

How do you Sign Up!

The elearning module can be accessed here. Enroll today and begin your Digital Enquirer journey.

Angela Minayo is the Women\’s Digital Rights Program Officer. She\’s passionate about inclusion of women and minorities in the internet governance processes and digital rights.