UN Public Call now open for Nominations to Global Advisory Body on Artificial Intelligence

Dear Colleagues,

The Office of the Envoy on Technology at the UN has announced a *public
call for persons to serve on the multi-stakeholder High-Level Advisory Body
on Artificial Intelligence

*The deadline for nominations and self-nominations is 31 August 2023.*
can be submitted here: input.un.org/EFM/se/3995D1A465993A1B

The body will undertake analysis and advance recommendations for the
international governance of artificial intelligence (AI) and report back on
the options for global AI governance by the end of 2023. Nominated experts
should have leading and relevant expertise among the broad range of fields
relevant to the governance of AI or domain of its application. They may
include present and former government experts, as well as experts from
industry, civil society, and academia, and will serve in their personal

The body is keen to draw on the world’s foremost expertise, and to ensure
the Body’s geographically representative, gender-balanced, age-balanced and
interdisciplinary composition.


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