Tracking of cooking gas cylinders

It Is surprising how until now it is not clear if it will be RFID or IOT, June is two months away.

With the short time frame, IOT seem to be the best option and in this case the Data volume being low, I.e location and ID, Narrow Band(NB) Iot will suffice. Power consumption is also low. And IOT devices are known to have a very long life span with low power consumption. This will be very easy to deploy just needs the devices on cylinders, iot application and contract with MNO,s for the narrow band IOT

This is a great opportunity to utilize the widespread mobile networks and great use case of internet.

On the other hand, RFID will require a countrywide deployment of readers at various points, and a unique application for post processing data. Deployment of this is expensive, operations and maintenance also expensive.

Eng. Edwin M. Ombega

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