This International Women’s Day 2024: Invest in Women’s Digital Rights!

Dear Listers,

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, KICTANet joins the
global call to action reflected in this year’s theme: “Count Her In: Invest
in Women. Accelerate Progress.”

While we acknowledge the strides made towards gender equality, the digital
space remains a frontier where women face unique challenges.
Disproportionate rates of online gender-based violence, privacy breaches,
and underrepresentation in decision-making processes paint a worrying

Investing in women’s digital rights is key to creating a safer and more
inclusive online world.

At KICTANet, we firmly believe that:

– Safe spaces for women online are essential for their participation and
– Bridging the gender digital divide is crucial for inclusive access to
opportunities and resources.
– Increased participation of women in ICT will lead to more equitable
policies and practices.

Join us in advocating for a digital future where women thrive! Message
from our CEO