The governance farce that is AFRINIC

Hi All,

I\’ve avoided up till now bringing this issue to KICTANET – but I think that now that the board of AFRINIC has proven just how far they are willing to stray from corporate governance – and considering the impact that AFRINIC can have on the wider Internet community in Africa – it\’s time to bring this to the attention of this list.

Recently – some damning allegations surfaced – and I won\’t go into detail of those allegations – nor will I comment on if I believe them to be true or false, but needless to say – the community in outrage demanded an independent investigation. The board then chose to commission such in an attempt to pacify a justifiably angry community.

At the same time, a vote of no confidence was duly put forward by a member of the AFRINIC community (Mr Elkins), which the board decided to refuse to table at the upcoming AGMM – in an attempt to protect themselves from what I personally believe would have been an inevitable result.

The independent investigation came back – the governance committee which is independent of the board confirmed as much, that the report had been handed to the board. Instead of the board then releasing the independent investigative report to the community, the board decided to destroy ALL semblance of independence and write their own report supposedly based on the investigative report that had been demanded and release that instead.

The boards email to this effect can be found at:

My response to this can be found at:

The AFRINIC elections are now upon us – and the candidates for both East and South – the SOLE candidates – are currently sitting on the board that is complicit in this total farce – and as such – I am now appealing to anyone and everyone who has a vote in AFRINIC to exercise that vote in the elections. I will leave it up to those who are voting to decide which way to vote – but I will go on record and state – I have voted – and I have voted \”None of the above\” across the entire slate – because in my view – these board members have NO place on a board that has such a fundamentally important job on this continent.

Saddened and disgusted – why when we make such giant strides forward on this continent do a few individuals take us so far backwards and do so much damage? It breaks my heart


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