#SwitchTOAirtel and #LoseWhatYouPayFor

No new T&Cs are sent, yes. But It is *assumed* that you have read and
understood them before you make the move/change.

To me, the keyword here is CHANGE. You initiate the CHANGE and you
consciously know what you are leaving.
Actually, you have known all along that that\’s how UnlimiNET works, no? You
said you have used it for a long time.
You also know that if you do not renew your tariff within three days after
the expiry, you lose all bundles that you had, right?

I am also on unlimiNET, the 2,000 one.

You are currently using UnlimiNET 2000 Monthly Plan, *valid until 05-02-21
10:06*. Balance is 342269 MB data, 1590 Minutes to all networks and 264592

I know that should I not renew within three days of expiry, I will lose all
those bundles. They are rightfully mine because I bought them with my own
money, but T&Cs apply, no???
It\’s more like you\’ve bought milk, taken it home, and did not use it all
until the expiry date. It gets rotten and you discard it in the sink 🙁

We have nothing on the MNOs because of the existence of the T&Cs. But guess
what? Even on the website for Airtel KE, those T&Cs are NOT published.
So do we conclude that they\’re not there?? I am not sure on whose side
the burden of proof will be.
I never saw any T&Cs when I took up my tariff. I just assumed they exist
somewhere, published for us to read before taking up service.

I also doubt anyone would (waste) time reading them, the same way we do
with all other services.

KICTANet should hire lawyers to deal with these MNOs once and for all.

On Mon, 25 Jan 2021 at 14:55, Twahir Hussein Kassim <twahir@hussein.me.ke>

> Thank you for bring on the *fine print *angle but before I venture on
> that line let me clarify that, upon sign-on for a new tariff no new T & C
> are forward, be it by message or otherwise. The sign-on is as simple as a
> pay for new bundles no reference is made to anything apart from you noting
> the subtraction of what you had.
> Back to the *fine print* issue; assuming that it is there. This has been
> discussed in this list one time too many! The dishonesty of corporates when
> it gets to fine print is disgusting to say the least. For the simplest of
> things they would put in some fine print in some technical law-jargon which
> not many would note until they have been bitten. It\’s time corporate
> started acting honestly.
> On Mon, Jan 25, 2021, 2:24 PM Odhiambo Washington <odhiambo@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On Sat, 23 Jan 2021 at 14:52, Twahir Hussein Kassim via kictanet <
>> kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
>>> Listers,
>>> Picture this…
>>> You go to your favourite supermarket, BUY a packet of milk PAY for it
>>> then you realise you actually need more and you go back inside get a carton
>>> of milk and pay for it. As you now pack onto your trolley, the cashier
>>> picks the packet you earlier bought and tells you OUR POLICY IS THAT you
>>> only retain the 1 packet if you buy 1 packet, now that you bought a carton
>>> we have to take the 1 packet you earlier bought! OUTRAGEOUS don\’t you think?
>>> This is What AIRTEL ACTUALLY DOES! I have been on UNLIMINET 1000 for
>>> ages, had accumulated 30+GBs of data and due to my increased usage of calls
>>> decided to upgrade to UNLIMINET 2000. PAP all the 30+ GB were CONFISCATED
>>> as POLICY HAS IT that you only carry forward GBs on the same tariff! Mind
>>> you I HAD BOUGHT and accumulated the 30+ GBs…
>>> [image: Capture.PNG]
>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FWfetpm_V0
>>> Airtel should be honest and state *#SwitchTOAirtel and
>>> #LoseWhatYouPayFor*
>>> Telcos are getting out of hand! First it was SAFARICOM
>>> repossessing numbers now its Airtel taking what is NOT theirs, once one has
>>> bought something that thing is NO LONGER the sellers but its ownership has
>>> moved to the buyer!
>>> So very disappointed in AIRTEL, I used to believe they *WERE *the
>>> honest network (past tense!)!
>>> Twahir
>> Your analogy is only correct until the point where the T&Cs are brought
>> to the table.
>> So, according to me, the problem here is simple – you did NOT read their
>> T&Cs.
>> Even Safaricom used to do this with some bundle that they had and TBH, I
>> don\’t remember anyone complaining about it.
>> Now we just need to find out if Telkom and JTL are the exceptions in this
>> saga. I highly doubt it.
>> When you _CHANGE_ a tariff, it only makes sense that you want your new
>> service level to adhere to the new tariff, not to the old and the new – the
>> old ceases, the new takes over.
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