Stories of Kenyan Women Facing Online Gender-Based Violence

Dear Listers,

This collection of summaries, *”Narratives of Strength and Survival,”
the experiences of Kenyan women who have encountered online gender-based
violence (OGBV) and their fight for justice and survival.

These summaries are based on interviews conducted by Maryanne W. Waweru as
part of KICTANet and APC’s “Our Voices, Our Stories” (OVOF) project.

*1. Mary Mwendwa: Hunted by Her Own Story*

Award-winning journalist, Mary Mwendwa’s experience, showcases the chilling
reality of online harassment women face in the media. After publishing a
story on struggling former boxers, she faced online attacks and threats,
highlighting the dangers of digital spaces for journalists speaking out on
sensitive topics.

*2. Living with HIV and Online Hate*

This story explores the double burden faced by women living with HIV who
encounter online hate speech and stigmatization. The article sheds light on
the challenges of combating online discrimination and promoting inclusivity
for marginalized communities.

*3. Wanjiku Thiga’s Battleground: The 2022 Kenyan Elections*

Wanjiku Thiga, a politician and human rights activist, details her
experience of online attacks and disinformation campaigns during the 2022
Kenyan elections. This story underscores the weaponization of digital
platforms for political manipulation and the impact on women candidates.

*4. The Price of Visibility: A Queer Activist’s Battle with Online Trolls*

Scarlet, a queer woman activist based in Nairobi, and her experiences with
online harassment and abuse. Through interviews with Scarlet, the article
sheds light on The impact of social media visibility on queer activists
and; the Psychological costs of online harassment, and the need for
supportive communities and platforms

These stories paint a picture of the diverse challenges faced by Kenyan
women online, ranging from targeted harassment to broader societal issues
like HIV stigma and political manipulation. Reading these stories is
crucial to understanding the lived experiences of OGBV and advocating for
solutions to create a safer and more inclusive online environment for all.