Review of KICA – Comments Needed

Good afternoon listers,

The MOICT is calling for views on the proposals on the KICA
per the notice below.

A copy of the draft bill and a redlined copy
attached for ease of reference. You can also suggest changes directly in
this Google document

Otherwise, please share your views on the various provisions in this thread
in the format below:


We look forward to your proposals on or before 7 May 2023. We aim to
consolidate the feedback and send a Memorandum to the Committee undertaking
the review.

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1 thought on “Review of KICA – Comments Needed

  1. Thanks for the updated full document. Having the context is very
    helpful. Comments (though probably much too late) below:

    Section 6
    – Revise this section.
    Would expect parliament to have a role in vetting such
    appointments. Would also expect some role for professional bodies in
    the sector. See section 102 for an example.

    Section 35
    – Separate provisions for hobbyists and educational uses.
    – There are radios used by amateurs and
    hobbyists. Some provisions should be made for these as
    they are good school activities to promote interest in
    and knowledge about telecommunications. Typically certain
    frequencies are reserved for such use. Transmitters are not very powerful.

    Section 48
    – Should be revoked.
    – There are many courier services that
    can do this work. Better to provide an enabling
    environment for them.

    Section 52
    – Should consider displaying all tariffs on web pages of
    courier services when they exist.
    – Enable online business and reduce cost of obtaining tariffs.

    Section 84
    – Simply changing the percentage is inadequate.
    – Market power is very vague. Quantitative considerations
    should be given. Econometrics literature typically uses
    more sophisticated methods than just market share, for example examining
    effect of supply chain shocks on final consumer prices.

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