Public Statement in Support of the UN High Commissioner’s remarks on AI and Human Rights

Dear Listers,

As we approach the start of negotiations to agree on a Global Digital
a set of principles for an open, free and secure digital future for all, it
is important that organizations who have first-hand experience of both the
harms and opportunities that digital technology can bring make sure their
voices are heard.

The speech by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in his remarks at
the High Level Side Event of the 53rd Session of the Human Rights Council
was in agreement with AUDRi’s 9 Digital Principles

In his speech, Volker Türk called for global agreement on regulating AI
that is aligned with universal human rights and rule of law frameworks and
convened by the United Nations. The High Commissioner emphasizes that the
human rights framework “provides an essential foundation that can provide
guardrails for efforts to exploit the enormous potential of AI, while
preventing and mitigating its enormous risks.”

In order to build support for the idea of a human rights-based agreement,
individuals and organizations who work in this space are invited to add
their signatures to a public statement
support of the High Commissioner’s remarks.

The deadline for signatures is 5pm UTC, Tuesday, 25th July 2023.

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