Privacy Parity Roundtable on 29th August 2023 at Baraza Media Lab

Dear Listers,

KICTANet in collaboration with Odipodev, Fumbua and Pendo Talk would be
hosting the “Privacy Parity” Roundtable Event, where we aim to foster a
crucial conversation surrounding the intricate issues of privacy within
domestic environments.

*Event Details:*

*Date: August 29th, 2023*

*Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM*

*Venue: Baraza Media Lab*

The objective of the “Privacy Parity” Roundtable is to bring together key
stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, fostering an inclusive and
comprehensive discussion. We firmly believe that by uniting policy makers,
funders, researchers, and victims of privacy breaches, we can explore
innovative solutions and approaches to safeguard privacy rights in the
domestic realm.

The Agenda of the Roundtable will encompass:

Identifying and Analysing Privacy Challenges: We will explore the unique
and complex privacy challenges that arise within domestic environments
and relationships, delving into the various aspects that affect
individuals’ privacy rights.

Exploring Policy Interventions: Policy makers will have the opportunity
to engage with researchers and affected individuals to better understand
the ground realities and develop well-informed and effective policies for
protecting privacy rights.

Funding Privacy Initiatives: Funders will be a vital part of the
discussion, as their support is essential in driving research and
initiatives that can protect the privacy of individuals within the domestic

Understanding the Human Impact: Hearing the experiences of victims of
privacy breaches will provide a human perspective on the urgency and
significance of this issue, guiding us to implement more empathetic and
compassionate solutions.

If you would like to attend, please confirm your attendance via email to We have 7 available slots that will be given on
a first come first served basis.

Angela Minayo
Program Officer- KICTANet

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