Hi Mbugua,
I agree with your position. I would wish to understand what has
motivated CA to take the decision. If possible a bit of background
research will provide great insights, Rachel or any other colleague
from CA could you shade some light on this issue?
On 3/2/18, Mbugua Njihia via kictanet <kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
> About eight years ago, heated price wars were the bane of the mobile
> telecommunications industry with all three players then, actively engaged
> in some form of posturing. The recent announcement that the Communications
> Authority of Kenya is mulling over the introduction of price regulation had
> me shaking my head. History and future thinking must have us look at the
> present predicament, if at all it is one, from a different lens –
> www.mbuguanjihia.com/business/price-controls-
> telecoms-ill-informed.html
> *Regards,*
> Mbugua Njihia.
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