Dear Listers,

Am not sure whether this is allowed by the rules of the list. This young
man shared this request in a Whatsapp group am part of. If any member here
has an opportunity for him please reach out to him. I was impressed by his
sense of focus.

\”Hello Members.

Please take a moment here..

I understand this may seem out of place here but I hoped it may be a great
avenue to get help considering the powerful, and resourceful membership of
the group and the fact that at this very moment I am unemployed.

Any link up with a job opportunity is highly welcome.

I am a Computer Science graduate gentleman in my mid twenties with 2 years
hands-on employment and entrepreneurship (stocking,inventory, sales,
marketing and resource management) experience in ICT industry.

I interned in Ministry of Higher education for 5months.

I have worked in various capacities since completion of my studies (As
Waiter, barista, Cyber attendant, company registration agent, Online
Academic Writer, Web Designer, Computer networks officer and ICT officer).

I have a valid driving licence.

I communicate very fluently in English, Swahili and Gusii.

In all my duties I have maintained an honest and reputable relationship
with all my employers and colleagues.

I am sociable, outgoing and very meticulous at any task I undertake.

I will greatly appreciate a link up to a job opportunity in the ICT
industry, but I can settle for any other job where I can grow on the job
and my employer happy.

I will also welcome an investor willing to invest in the IT industry and
needs a steady hand to build up the business.

My name is Vincent Oganga
Contact: 0707046634 /0788206752
Email :

Thank you.\”



Edwin Kiama

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