Dear Patrick,

Many thanks for your questions which are timely and very important for
any new lister. KICTANet has a Co-Convenor (Grace Githaiga). She will
respond to all this questions in detail in the course of the day just
in case there might be follow up questions that will require
additional responses. Do not hesitate to raise any other issues that
may require clarification before then.

Thank you

Best Regards

On 1/29/19, Patrick A. M. Maina via kictanet
<kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
> We also need:1.KICTANET\’s own Policy framework2. A 3-5 year Strategy3. A
> process framework (standardize how issues get picked / prioritized / parked
> / dropped)4. Annual work plan 5. working groups / committees for specific
> action areas 6. Ad-hoc committees to address issues that come up randomly7.
> Monitoring & evaluation framework.8. Funding & transparency framework
> Or do they already exist?
> Patrick.
> On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 7:34:27 AM GMT+3, Patrick A. M. Maina
> <pmaina2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks Deborah for highlighting this. It is becoming apparent that
> KICTANET needs a full time Secretariat (admin & coordination unit) and such
> should have guaranteed but independent funding.
> Other things to ponder:1. Does KICTANET hold elections? 2. Does if have a
> full time management team?3. Does it have a budget? 4. What are the sources
> of financing this year? 5. Are there potential conflicts of interest from
> financiers/sponsors/donors) in terms of agenda setting?6. How does KICTANET
> prevent big money from controlling it\’s agenda in favor of big corp and
> foreign tech at the expense of the local ecosystem?
> I think being left out in the budget policy participation is a serious wake
> up call for all stakeholders.
> Good day.Patrick.
> On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 6:06:14 AM GMT+3, Deborah Wanjugu via
> kictanet <kictanet@lists.kictanet.or.ke> wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> I came to learn the Treasury has issued a call for public comments on the
> Budget Policy Statement 2019.
> I never saw any particular firm plans the Government has for ICT so I
> thought it best to bring this to your attention, albeit a little later than
> I should have. I could be wrong, though. Maybe I had high expectations owing
> to the exposure I get from you all.
> What I love about this group is there are so many diverse opinions on
> various issues. I think it would be great to let the Government hear all
> these well – considered opinions on its ICT plans.
> The deadline for institutions to put in their comments was on Friday, which
> means Kictanet might not be able to, but as individuals you would be able to
> participate.
> The deadline for submitting our comments is 31st January 2019, i.e. this
> Thursday.
> I created a public Google folder for this purpose. You can access it here:
> drive.google.com/open?id=1LsgzmXlEgPagqUDN-qQqlQEeEzK9pYqM
> You are free to share this widely.
> Kind regards,
> Deborah _______________________________________________
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