M-KOPA Phone Refuses Unlock After Finishing Payment

Dear listers;

An M-Kopa client contacted me in April 2023 regarding a phone she had
faithfully paid for 34,000/- over a period of time (3yrs) but once she
completed paying for it they are unable to unlock the phone. Since March
it’s been a game of ping pong.

They eventually suggested she visits some shop in Westlands where she is
supposed to pay for her device to be unlocked.

I am looking at the best way to address this since I still believe M-KOPA
should not charge a client any more money once the payment for the device
has been done. Once a device has been fully paid for I believe they should
unconditionally unlock the device without further cost to the client. They
are saying the device is out of warranty which is 365 days and any payments
out of this period means if the device refuses to unlock you pay for it.

Kindly advise before I escalate this consumer abuse.further. Anyone in the
list from the above company can contact me off list so that we can resolve
this issue amicably.