law to start listing of Kenyans’ DNA

@Magdalene, the article refers to Statute Law Misc Amendment Act (18 of
2018). It was a long Bill of about 86 pages amending over 20 laws. For the
Registration of Persons, the effects are quite substantial and one would
have expected an entirely new Act to better detail all the issues,
including data protection and administration of digital ID. Please see
below the amendments that have been made:

Insert the following new definitions in proper alphabetical sequence-

\”Biometric\” means unique identifiers or attributes including fingerprints,
hand geometry, earlobe geometry, retina and iris patterns, voice waves and
Deoxyribonucleic Acid in digital form;
\”Global Positioning System coordinates\” means the unique identifier of
precise geographic location on the earth,expressed in alphanumeric
character being a combination of latitude and longitude;
\”physical form\” means existing in a form that one can see and touch; and
\”Principal Secretary\” means the Principal Secretary in the ministry
responsible for matters relating to registration of persons.
s.5(l)(d) Delete the and substitute therefor –
county of birth; or
county of residence.
(I)(g) Delete paragraph (g) and substitute therefor the following new
paragraph –
(g) place of residence and postal address, Global Positioning Systems
coordinates, Land Reference Number, Plot Number or House Number, if any;
(l)(h) Insert the words \”in physical form\”immediately after the words \”toe
Insert the following new paragraph immediately after paragraph (h) –
(ha) biometric data.

9A. (I) There is hereby established the National Integrated Identity
Management System
(2) The functions of the system are –
(a) to create, manage, maintain and operate a national population register
as a single source of personal information of all Kenyan citizens and
registered foreigners resident in Kenya;
(b) to assign a unique national identification number to every person
registered in the register;
(c) to harmonise, incorporate and collate into the register, information
from other databases in Government agencies relating to registration of
(d) to support the printing and distribution for collection all national
identification cards, refugee cards,foreigner certificates,birth and death
certificates,driving licenses,work permits, passport and foreign travel
documentation, student identification cards issued under the Births and
Death Registration Act, Basic Education Act, Registration of Persons Act,
Refugees Act,Traffic Act and the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act and
all other forms of government issued identification documentation as may be
specified by gazette notice by the Cabinet Secretary;
(e) to prescribe,in consultation with the various relevant issuing
authorities, a format of identification document to capture the various
forms of information contained in the identification documents in paragraph
(d) for purposes of issuance of a single document where applicable;
(f) to verify and authenticate information relating to the registration and
identification of persons;
(g)to collate information obtained under this Act and reproduce it as may
be required, from time to time;
(h)to ensure the preservation,protection and security of any information or
data collected, obtained,maintained or stored in the register;
(i)to correct errors in registration details, if so required by a person or
on its own
initiative to ensure that the information is accurate, complete, up to date
and not misleading; and
(j) to perform such other duties which are necessary or expedient for the
discharge of functions under this Act.
(3) The Principal Secretary shall be responsible for the administration,
coordination and management of the system.

From page 8-12 of the document

Il giorno mar 22 gen 2019 alle ore 09:10 Magdalene Kariuki <> ha scritto:

> Dear fellow listers,
> Happy New Year (albeit late).
> Thank you Grace for sharing this information.
> Just a few concerns about privacy of persons and the protection and use of
> information.
> While I appreciate and understand the need for Government to address
> issues relating to threats to security (assuming that this is where the
> need for such kind of information stems from), what kind of guarantees are
> there that ensure this information is not traded? What kind of data
> protection mechanisms are in place?
> or have these concerns already been raised and addressed in the new
> legislation?
> Regards,
> Magdalene
> On Mon, Jan 21, 2019 at 12:16 PM Grace Bomu via kictanet <
>> wrote:
>> Full story here
>> Il giorno lun 21 gen 2019 alle ore 14:51 Grace Bomu <>
>> ha scritto:
>>> Listers,
>>> The government is now free to collect data on Kenyans’ DNA and physical
>>> location of their homes including satellite details during registration of
>>> persons.
>>> This follows President Uhuru Kenyatta’s approval of amendments to the
>>> Registration of Persons Act that has included the two to the list of
>>> requirements needed at the national people’s registry.
>>> Adults applying for documents such as IDs will be required to provide
>>> additional information about their location, including land reference
>>> number, plot number or house number.
>>> The ministry is also seeking to introduce Global Positioning System
>>> (GPS) coordinates in the registration of persons, enabling the tracking of
>>> their location via satellite.
>>> More here
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