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Open National Tender for the Provision of Telecommunication Mobile Active
Infrastructure and Services in the Unserved and Underserved Areas of Kenya
– PHASE 2 & 3

The Communications Authority of Kenya
<> has
released a tender under the Universal Service Fund to provide
Telecommunications Mobile Active Infrastructure and services in the
unserved and underserved areas of Kenya.

Twenty-nine underserved and unserved sub-locations under Phase 2 with a
population of 67,165 people have been identified to benefit from a total
USF subsidy of KES 262,839,956.26. Phase 3, with 68 sub-locations and a
population of 403,783 people, will get a subsidy of KES 637,745,425.67.

Please take a look below for details on how to bid and why USF is important
in connectivity.

[image: Data Privacy Week 2023.jpeg]

ICT Ministry Tasked to Issue Kenyans With Digital IDs To Replace Huduma

The Kenyan government is pushing for a nationwide digital ID scheme by the
end of 2023. The digital identities (ID) are meant to replace the Huduma
Namba, launched in 2019 by Uhuru Kenyatta’s government. Is it a good thing
or a bad thing?

Mr John Walubengo poses the question: “The big question remains: will the
CS for ICT and Digital Economy take the President’s order to create a digital
identity for Kenyans
Or will he dump Huduma Namba, start afresh and repeat its mistakes?

Misinformation and Disinformation in Kenya

A study undertaken by Trends and Insights for Africa (TIFA), a Research
company on Disinformation and the Role of Big Tech in Kenya report says
Kenyans want educational campaigns to help people find and report
Disinformation and fake news. (See attached). The report collaborates some
of our findings in our Disinformation in Kenya’s Political Sphere:
Actors, Pathways and Effects <>. The
research was part of a regional study conducted by CIPESA, that explores
the nature, perpetrators and effects of misinformation in Cameroon,
Ethiopia, Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya.

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<> Pre

Make a date with our Accessibility team, who shall host their second
<> about the
online dating experiences for persons with disability (PWD). It has been
scheduled for 13 February 2023 from 8:00 pm EAT.

Would you wish to be on the panel? Kindly comment below. Here is the link
to our previous session, “Raising Awareness on Accessibility & Inclusivity
for PWDs” <>

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