KICTANet Annual Report 2022: A Year of Transformation and Impact

Dear Listers,

In 2022, we embarked on a journey of unwavering commitment to ensuring that
technology serves as a catalyst for positive change, empowering all Kenyans.

Our commitment to impact was evident throughout the year:

– *10 projects under implementation* aimed at building digital skills,
promoting access, and fostering innovation
– *23 thought leadership forums* convened experts and stakeholders to
shape policy and practice
– *360 individuals were trained* on various ICT-related topics,
empowering them to thrive in the digital age
– *27 publications and 7 policy briefs* informed public discourse and
policy decisions
– *4 submissions to the Legislature* ensured that KICTANet’s voice was
heard in shaping policies and laws within the ICT space
– *500 delegates from across the globe* participated in our flagship
events, showcasing KICTANet’s international reach
– *70 young leaders participated* in the Youth IGF, a youth-led
initiative aimed at developing the capacity for meaningful inclusion
– *350 applications were received* for the KICTANet Kenya School of
Internet Governance Program, training individuals to advocate for Internet
rights and freedoms

We believe technology has the power to transform lives and create a more
equitable society. Read our 2022 Annual Report
and learn more about our initiatives that are making a difference in the
lives of Kenyans.