KICA Amendments: compensation of telecommunication consumers for call drops

The new amendments to KICA proposed by Hon. Elisha Odhiambo, MP, published
on March 15th, 2019, seeks to add a new section 34A on the compensation of
telecommunications consumers for call drops.

34A. (1) A licensee is liable to credit a consumer who initiates a call
that gets cut out after a connection by Kenya Shillings ten worth of
airtime for each call drop within its network for a maximum of three call
drops per day
(2) A licensee shall not be liable to compensate a consumer, where a call
gets cut out due to third party interference on the licensee\’s connection
lines, inevitable accident or *force majeure*.

The rationale of the bill is to make provisions for quality of service to
consumers making calls by compelling licensees in the telecommunications
industry to invest in infrastructure that will guarantee the quality of
service for consumers making calls.

What are your thoughts on this new amendment? Is it adequate? Does KICA
cover all other telecommunications service consumers?

Warm Regards
Mwendwa Kivuva,

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