KICA Amendment: Regulation of Social Media

Our Members of Parliament should find something better to do. It is
impossible to regulate social media at least from those who have attempted
to do that. They should learn from the UAE where they have spent an
inordinate amount of money without success. They have to have resources to
educate the public first otherwise it the ordinary mwananchi who may not
even know there is such a legislation who will suffer.


On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 12:01 PM kanini mutemi via kictanet <> wrote:

> Good morning Listers,
> As GG had alerted us last week, there is a bill before the National
> Assembly that seeks to amend the Kenya Information and Communication Act by
> including a part on Regulation of Social Media.
> I will lead us on a discussion on this Bill.
> Between 2016 to date, we have seen many attempts to regulate social media
> conduct. Interestingly, one such attempt, the Computer Misuse and
> Cybercrimes Act, where many of its sections on regulation of social media,
> have been suspended is coming up for hearing today. Now we tackle yet
> another attempt to ‘fix’ social media.
> To start with, I will post the definitions proposed in the bill of the
> word ‘social media platform’ and ‘blogging’:
> \”*blogging\” means collecting, writing, editing and presenting of news or
> news articles in social media platforms or in the internet;*
> *\”social media platforms\” includes online publishing and discussion, media
> sharing, blogging, social networking, document and data sharing
> repositories, social media applications, social bookmarking and widgets;*
> What are your initial thoughts? What ‘problem’ is Hon. Injendi trying to
> fix with this bill? Who will fall under those definitions? Contributions
> are welcome.
> —
> *Mercy Mutemi, Advocate*.
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