ICT CS speaks on Revival of Huduma Namba Initiative

Dear Listers,

“If it has not reached you”, the Government plans to digitise over 5,000
government services. This was the genesis of the Huduma Namba revival
discourse. The Huduma Namba was introduced in 2019 but the court halted its
rollout due to inadequate public participation and issues to do with its
compliance to Personal Data Protection Act.

Here is what the ICT CS Eliud Owalo said about it:

As its re-emergence happens, KICTANet has done work around the subject on
Huduma Namba which include:

1. “Implementing #HudumaNamba: Challenges and Prospects” whose findings
recommend measures that can safeguard compliance with data protection
principles and respect for human rights in the use of huduma Namba in
Kenya. bit.ly/31KzCkx (download)
2. Huduma Namba Documentary now available on KICTANET’s Youtube channel.

Your thoughts are welcome on this.