Freedom Online Coalition – Joint Statement on Spread of Disinformation Online

Fully agree. The ethical and Moral standard in information dissemination has been fully diluted. We cannot only focus on state actors as non state actors are equally as lethal since all one needs is a keyboard and an internet connection.

The challenge moves beyond “joint statements” to finding a balanced solution. Targeting state actors empowers none state actors to abuse the void and we end up with the state looking for draconian responses. And we all know what that ends up as.


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I wouldn\’t hold my breath. Propaganda has been part and parcel of political tools to coerce and convince since before the Roman Empire. Today it\’s more lethal because it has been weaponized as a tool of Mass Destruction through digital platforms. Sad but it is the times we live.

Having said that we must create an online repository of tools to fight this menace. One way is educating the masses on how to detect fake news.


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In its “Joint Statement on Spread of Disinformation Online”, the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) expresses deep concern about the growing scope and sophistication of disinformation, which has been employed by state and non-state actors with political, ideological, commercial or other motives.

To address this trend, the FOC calls upon governments to refrain from conducting and sponsoring disinformation campaigns, and urges all stakeholders to take active steps to address the issue in a manner that respects human rights, democracy and the rule of law, including acknowledging, in particular the specific targeting of and impact on women and persons belonging to minorities.

The development of this statement was led by the governments of Finland and the United Kingdom with input from other Coalition member states and the multi-stakeholder FOC Advisory Network.

You can read the statement here<>.

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