This is for those who wanna learn tactics and techniques used, during
operations in the cyber domain, on a fictional level that can be applied on
real world ops.

I decided to start writing in 2021, though I never thought I would get back
to it, as I had written a lot when I was young.

I observed that some American and Europeans Ex-militaries and Ex-Intel
officers had resulted to writing and I decided to go back to it too.

I was the first person in the world, as an African, to write real Computer
Network Operations novel with real actions-on sequences.

Though the first book was about hacktivism for those who have read:
“She went after Somalian Govt because the PM and the President were
dangerously playing a power-play, eventually bombing the wrong structure,
killing her Beirut’s oldest, best friend.”

Second book, currently under edits will be about Military and
Intelligence’s Computer Network Operations ops. It named C0nn3ctB4ck and
will be out Mid ‘23.

C0nn3ctB4ck can be really good, as a learning base for those in Law
Enforcement, Investigations and Intelligence, that wanna understand how
Nation states act on cyber space against each during peacetime and war.

More on C0nn3ctB4ck,

Let’s keep educating each other and show that even in Africa, we can do it
too and better.