Day 1 Discussions: Digital Hailing Services Regulations

Liz and all

I keep on saying this until I\’m beginning to sound like a broken record. My
thoughts about the New Normal.

1. Used to be that 3 things were a given in life – Life, taxes, and death.
Please add regulation before death. Now, don\’t get me wrong. Not everything
needs to be regulated. However, it is my humble opinion that public
transport is not and should not be left to the vagaries of the profit
motive. It is not by design that Uber, after 10 years of operations has not
turned a profit. How we regulate is another issue. It cannot be that we
regulate uber etc the way we do matatus. Make no mistake. Whether we like
it or not. Regulation is here. The point then is how do we ensure this
doesn\’t kill innovation?

2. Government agencies need to engage players in the industry and industry
needs to engage the government to ensure the regulations are based on the
reality on the ground (Vitu Kwa Ground in Different)

3. Everyone should be treated the same. In fact, I\’d go out on a limb and
say that the government needs to protect local tech entrepreneurs. There
is no such thing as Free Markets. That is something the west imposes on us
to create a market for their products and services. Let us perish the
thought of an \’Even Playing Field\’.


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On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 9:09 AM Liz Orembo via kictanet <> wrote:

> Good morning listers,
> Today we will talk about Digital Hailing Services Regulations and the
> licensing of the Service Operators under part 1 of the regulations.
> Looking at the document, it seems like the NTSA is trying to regulate the
> industry following the recent incidents that have come up: eg accidents,
> assisted crimes and digital taxi drivers woes. These regulations will
> require any digital hailing services; Uber, Bolt, and Swivl, to register in
> Kenya and operate under the Kenyan laws. They will also obtain operating
> licences from the NTSA.
> We would like to hear your views on this:
> a. Are the regulations necessary?
> b. Is NTSA the right/best body to regulate Digital Hailing Transport
> Services?
> c. What are the likely impacts in the transport industry, Information
> Society Sector and gig economy? etc
> d. Should multinationals be subjected to different licensing requirements?
> Here are some resources to guide our discussions.
> 1. Bolt, uber among taxi apps ordered to get licences or get off road.
> 2. Can California reign tech-gig platforms? A primer on the bold state law
> that will try.
> Over to you listers.
> —
> Best regards.
> Liz.
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