Data Science Thursday: Building an effective Data Strategy for your Organisation webinar by Botlab

Good Morning

Botlab in partnership with Oracle is starting Data Science Thursday’s where
we will talk about different themes led by Kenyan experts who’ve worked
globally and locally in data science. On 7th May, we will talk about Data

You will learn;
a) What to think through when developing scope
b) How to develop a data strategy for your firm
c) Best practices when developing Data strategy.

To sign up, click here

Oracle is delivering a unique acceleration program that enables mutually
beneficial business building partnerships for startups, our customers, and
Oracle. It starts with free cloud and expands to a rich collaboration that
brings opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors,
product experts, and customers. Attached below is a flier with more
details. If this interests you, do reach out to Elly Mathenge, via