Cyber Security Month – What are You Doing?

Dear Listers,

This October, join us in marking the internationally recognized
Cybersecurity Awareness Month. KICTANet has been leading the charge with a
month-long virtual programme
designed to educate, inform, and protect individuals and businesses from
potential cyber threats.

Under the theme, “Cybersecurity starts with me”, we’ve been sharing a
wealth of cybersecurity tips, tools, resources, and best practices to help
keep Kenyans digitally safe and maintain their cyber resilience. But we
can’t do it alone. We need your help!

We encourage everyone to take a small step this month to enhance their
digital security. Whether it’s updating your passwords, backing up your
data, or educating yourself on the latest scams, every action counts.

Remember, cybersecurity isn’t just about protecting yourself – it’s about
protecting all of us. Because when it comes to cybersecurity, we’re all in
this together.

So why not share what you’re doing this Cybersecurity Awareness Month?
Let’s spread the word and make the internet a safer place for everyone.