Complaint on Quality of Service along SGR Corridor (Mombasa – Nairobi)

Chukua Hatua Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concern
and frustration regarding the poor quality of service for mobile and
internet connectivity along the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) corridor
between Mombasa and Nairobi.

The SGR has undoubtedly been a significant infrastructure development for
our country, greatly improving transportation between these two major
cities. However, the lack of reliable and consistent connectivity along
this corridor is negatively impacting both travellers and businesses alike.

As a frequent traveller on the SGR, I have experienced repeated disruptions
in mobile and internet services during my journeys. These connectivity
issues not only inconvenience passengers but also hinder productivity and
communication for those who rely on the train as a workspace.

The challenges I’ve faced include:

1. *Inconsistent Network Coverage:* The SGR corridor often lacks
adequate network coverage, resulting in dead zones where passengers are
unable to make calls, send emails, or access the internet.

2. *Slow and Unreliable Internet:* Even when there is signal, the
internet speed is frustratingly slow, making it almost impossible to carry
out essential online tasks, particularly for professionals who work

3. *Communication Breakdown:* Travelers, including business
professionals, are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in touch with
colleagues, clients, and family members while on the move.

4. *Missed Business Opportunities:* Entrepreneurs and businesses aiming
to expand their operations or make crucial business decisions during their
journey face significant hindrances due to connectivity issues.

The SGR corridor has enormous potential not just for transportation but
also for enhancing Kenya’s digital infrastructure. As it stands, the
inadequate connectivity is preventing us from fully benefiting from this
world-class railway.

I kindly request the Communication Authority of Kenya to investigate these
connectivity issues along the SGR corridor and take necessary actions to
improve the quality of service. Our nation’s growth and development depend
on a reliable and robust digital infrastructure, and it is imperative that
travellers and businesses have access to efficient and uninterrupted

I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and would be
willing to provide any further information or feedback that could assist in
addressing these challenges. I believe that by working together, we can
ensure that the SGR corridor becomes a symbol of progress and connectivity
for our country.

Thank you for providing a platform where we can lodge complaints / feedback.

*Twahir Hussein Kassim*
*Founder *
*Dunia Moja Community Network*
*Telephone: +254 734 259 223*
*WhatsApp: +254 722 259 223*
*Skype: twahirhk*
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