Blank tape levy comes to effects in Kenya.

The cost of ICT devices had gone up after the blank tape levy came into

What is a Blank Tape Levy? A nominal fee imposed on the sale of blank media
and devices, such as CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and smartphones, which can be
used to make personal copies of copyright content. The collected funds are
then distributed to creatives.

What is affected? Any device that can be used to store copyrighted content
like a phone, computer, laptops, smart watches, CDs, tapes, memory card,
TV, game consoles, printing papers, photocopying machines, hard disks or
USB disk.

Why? This levy is imposed by the Copyright law to compensate copyright
holders for potential revenue lost when individuals make private copies of
their copyrighted works, such as music, movies, or software. Private
copying allows individuals to make personal backups or copies of
copyrighted material for their own use, such as making a backup of a music
CD or copying a movie to a personal device.

What is the commencement date? 15th September 2023.

Read more about the law here

Reuben Kagame sued to halt release of the levy to creatives to ensure the
equitable distribution of the collected funds without excluding any
category of copyright owners. Read more here…