Bitange to head Taskforce on Blockchain…

Congratulations to the team, I look forward to fruitful engagements.

Blockchain is not a panacea as most of us know – One needs to be absolutely
sure as its slow and requires a lot of computation and ofcourse the
complexity bit. As a rule of thumb always consider the following:

1. Network: Will there be a significant number of participants in the
network. Do you trust them?

2. Perfromance: Do you need to store a limited amount of data for every
transaction. Will there be need to scale?

3. Business Logic: Is privacy important? Will the system be stand alone?
Does it need to access external data / Integrate into existing IT?

4. Consensus: Will there be an arbitrator in car of dispute, Do you need
strict immutability, Should all participants be involved in the validity of


Eric Mwangi

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