Banning of the FILM Rafiki

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> Is Christianity, brought to Kenya by colonizers, “Kenyan culture”? How
> so?
> If so, doesn’t saying that it is mean that culture evolves, since Kenyan
> culture predates the introduction of Christianity by millennia?
> If culture evolves, then what does it mean to say something is not part of
> one’s culture?
> Finally-I’m not Kenyan. I’m Igbo, from south eastern Nigeria. Igbos had,
> prior to colonization, thousands of years of culture, worshipping many
> gods. One commonly accepted practice was women husbands-same sex marriage,
> in which women could take other women as wives, and those wives would bear
> children for their women husbands.
@Ebele, is that Igbo practice the same thing as Lesbianism (or
homosexuality for that matter)? NO. That practice of women marrying women
and those wives bearing children for their woman husbands is far away from
LGBT. The women don\’t go having those weird moments with their wives! These
women marry other women because they are barren and so their wives \”help\”
them get children. Ultimately, men sleep with and impregnate these wives –
with the consent of their women husbands.
Wait, were you trying to justify some portion of the raging debate with
that illustration of Igbo culture? 🙂

PS: Everyone – methinks this post is irrelevant and will not end up
bringing forth any policy formulation with a bearing towards ICTs, which is
what this forum is all about. The moment religion rears its ugly head in
any discussion, that usually marks the \”tower of Babel\” moment.
*So I intend to kill this thread before it becomes the longest, yet useless
thread, that KICTANet has ever had. Anyone opposed to that decision, please
raise your hands :-)*

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